Date Night


Welcome to Date Night at Mabel Ceramics!

** There is room for FOUR couples to join date night.
TWO Couples book in for Wheel Throwing + TWO Couples can book in for hand building.

ONE ticket for date night covers TWO PEOPLE!

Please review the FAQ section before booking.
Inquire via email if you have any questions.
At the end of the night, your projects will begin the process of drying out. Once they are fully dried, they can begin the first kiln firing - once they are finished kiln firing #1 I can proceed to prep and glaze them, then put them into the kiln for firing #2! The process of both firings can take about three weeks, but sometimes it takes up to six weeks for your projects to be finished. You will be contacted by text or e-mail when your projects are ready for pick up! You can also choose to have your finished products shipped to you if you're from out of town!

Everyone will go home with a functional, food safe, microwave & dishwasher safe piece of pottery!

Wheel Throwing Date Night

Once you arrive at the studio and settle in, Maddison will do a demonstration and walk you through the steps of throwing on the pottery wheel. Pay close attention to the demo! You and your sweetheart will help guide each other through the process, offering support and guidance to each other throughout the evening! Maddison is there for support and direction as needed.

Around 7:50/8  you will transition into clean up, and Maddison will instruct you on the process of cleaning the studio safely + effectively.

Once your wheel stations are cleaned, each of you will choose your favourite piece of pottery to take home and choose a glaze for it.

Remember: Pottery is all about non-attachment, practice, and leaning into the moment!

Hand Building Date Night

Those who come in for hand building date night will enjoy a lesson on building a set of coffee mugs using a slab building method!

There are a ton of different stamps, textures, and other tools to help you customize your mug however you'd like. Each of you can make your own mug, or design a mug for your honey! Maddison will walk you through the assembly of your mug, showing you how to make it seamless & strong! You will be able to customize the shape and fit of your handle as well!

When you're finished with your mug you will choose a glaze for it.