Meet The Owner

Maddison (they/them) is the owner of Mabel Ceramics.

This warm and inviting pottery studio is located in the heart of Cumberland BC. In this little studio, Maddison creates and sells their own pottery, as well as teaches workshops and special events.

Maddison is a queer 22 year old self taught ceramic artist with ASD, ADHD, coupled with MDD + social anxiety. This business is named after their emotional support dog, Mabel. When Maddison was 18, they got an itch for a constant companion and found Mabel being rehomed on Craigslist in late 2018. The two immediately bonded and have been side by side ever since.

After living on the island their whole life, in 2020, Maddison decided to pursue a personal training + nutrition coaching career in North Vancouver - COVID broke out within a few months, and life soon did a 180. Maddison felt a need to make a big career shift at this time.  They worked serving jobs & nannied for families in the sea to sky while practicing pottery in any free time.

By October of 2021, Maddison's grandfathers cancer had progressed, rental rates in Squamish were skyrocketing, and after a year of being in Squamish Maddison still felt like they were missing a sense of community. So they decided to move back to the island, with a big goal of trying to pursue pottery full time.

Maddison says that making pottery is meditative, it calms a racing mind and allows for intuitive expression when trying out new forms, glazing techniques, or attempting new hand-building projects. Maddison's work is always evolving - every few months you may notice big shifts in their style.  Maddison says that nothing is more rewarding than having a person find a piece of pottery they love so much that they just have to bring home with them.

The inspiration behind the Mabel Ceramics studio was to create a space for those in the community who may not have space to be authentically expressive, boldly creative, and to feel connected, grounded, and inspired.

The energy and personality from Maddison's dog, Mabel, inspire the "vibes" of the studio. Mabel is playful, bold, she lights up any room and she isn't afraid to be herself!

Mabel Ceramics is a safe space, with a strict no-jerks-allowed policy. Maddison hopes that you feel welcome and wanted in this space.

Maddison kindly requests that those who enter their studio are considerate of the space you are in, to respect their time, skill, and passion, and to treat everyone in the group with kindness and respect.