5 Week Pottery Workshop


This 5 Week Workshop will teach you how to "Seize the Clay!"

Please ensure to review the FAQ section and cancellation policy before booking!
Inquire via email if you have any questions.

Everyone will go home with about 6 -10 pieces of one-of-a-kind, functional, food safe, microwave & dishwasher safe pottery!*

Class size is kept small ( a maximum of 6 people) to ensure that each person gets the opportunity for 1:1 support from Maddison.


We will cover all of the fundamentals for both hand building and wheel throwing, with a final workshop to explore the endless possibilities with different glazes and techniques!

In Hand Building we will cover...

- Slab Built Pottery - using flat slabs of clay and templates to make flower vases or sculptures
- Coil Building - rolling out coils of clay to create a plant pot or fruit bowl
- Pinch Pots - taking a ball of clay and molding/pinching it into the shape of a mug, bowl, ring dish, planter.. the options are endless!

The options with hand building really are endless - feel free to come inspired and take the reins to create whatever you'd like - Maddison is there to guide you to achieve what you'd like!
Note that you will make a maximum of four hand built projects over the course of the workshop

During our pottery wheel lessons we will cover...

Lesson One
- Weighing + Wedging Demonstration
- Recycling Clay Explained
- Wheel Throwing Demonstration - learning how to throw a cylinder & add shape
- Time practicing on the wheel - with guidance from Maddison

Lesson Two
- Pottery Trimming Demonstration
- Explaining Carving, Underglaze, Attaching Handles, Etc.
- Time to trim, carve, attach handles, and decorate your work
- Continue to practice throwing on the pottery wheel - anything you create on your second wheel session will be tidied up and have your name marked in it by Maddison.

Maddison is committed to helping students understand the process so that they can rapidly gain confidence with the fundamentals of wheel throwing to help avoid many common mistakes that beginners make. Each person will receive pointers, and demonstrations to correct common mistakes; but it's also important to remember that making mistakes is how we learn, it's all part of the process, and regardless of the outcome; it's about committing to practice!
During our final glazing workshop we will cover...
- What is glaze? Why do we use it?
- What is wax resist? Why do we use it?
- Combining glazes for special effects
- Hand Brushing VS Dipping Glazes

You will be notified via e-mail when your pottery workshop projects are ready to be picked up! Prompt pick up is appreciated!