CUSTOM Anti Valentine Mug PRE-ORDER


Loving the Anti Valentine Mugs? Have something specific you want to say?

I am offering 10 PRE ORDER mugs with CUSTOMIZED conversation hearts!


Your mug will have three conversation hearts on it, the conversation hearts will be red.
In your order notes, let me know what you want the conversation heart to say!
Please keep to two words!
Use the mug in the photos for a visual reference for size and colours.

Please allow 5 weeks for your mug to be shipped / ready for pick up.

Your mug will be about 12oz, food-safe and can be used in the dishwasher and microwave!

These mugs are wheel thrown in the Mabel Ceramics studio in Cumberland, BC. The hearts and words are hand carved into heavily speckled brown stoneware clay, painted with underglaze, then outlined in black glaze and finally coated in white glaze!

These mugs are a labour of love. The price of these anti-valentine mugs reflect the time spent creating - not only throwing and refining them on the wheel but also tediously carving and patiently glazing the design.